Join David Morehouse for his first “virtual” live Extended Remote Viewing course. This ERV course will be similar to our past multi-day live courses and delivered via the Zoom video conferencing platform.

The course will be facilitated and interactive in the same way as a classroom setting and the daily instructional hours will be identical to our past courses.

We are excited for the possibilities that this format offers to bring together students from around the world to experience the journey of Remote Viewing together. We invite you to join us in taking the step from believing into knowing.

Extended Remote Viewing
When: Feb 25 – Mar 1, 2021 
Where: Online via the Zoom video conferencing platform 
Tuition: $1299 USD

Students who have previously attended one of our live ERV courses are eligible for a reviewer rate of $699. Contact us to register.

Please contact us at 760-975-4255 or if you need more information.

Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) is designed to guide students through the application of a hybrid form of Remote Viewing.  It is knowledge or “knowing” based instruction.  ERV is an experience that Remote Viewing students call “Learning to Fly” because of the overwhelming sensation of free flight and movement felt during the session.

Without the rigorous protocols and structure inherent to CRV, the session environment differs substantially.  Students are taught to traverse through the Alpha brain-wave state used in CRV and enter the ethereal fog of the collective unconscious in the “Theta” brain-wave state; called “Ultra Deep” in the lexicon of the Remote Viewer.  Students are calibrated on measurable targets as well as literally being sent to view other civilizations, worlds and dimensions.